Comic #14: Symphony and Significance


comic by Tactician Jenro / Jose Chipeco

It’s been about a month since my last comic! So here’s an update. It’s poorly drawn to be honest, and the idea is all over the place.

But hope I got the point across.

We’re all a part of this journey together. We may not be Steve Jobs or Gandhi, Paul or Peter, but there’s a music stirring inside of us that we just have to play out… a difference that we can make.

Remember Who You Are


Remember what you’re here for and who you are. Remember the purpose and the vision God has given you. Life, however beautiful it is – beautiful in both its pain and achievements – is a temporary journey. Let’s make the most out of it through love.

My journey and God-given purpose begins with God’s love for me, and how He has fully accepted me as a son. And when I believe that, I can move from having fear into freedom. Confidence that whatever I feel, or whatever wrong may happen, I’m still loved and part of the family. I’m all for forgiving, loving, and understanding others.

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Some Changes

I will be deleting some posts, and moving them to a new art blog dedicated entirely to artwork. I will also be fixing broken photo links, adding new ones and editing old posts, and will do my best to write more and take more photos.

The journey isn’t over yet, and for most of this past few months I wasn’t really as inspired as I should be. But I know enough to see how much the sun shines brightly on me.

And, well…God loves you. Always remember that. :)

Grey Skies and a Rainbow.

A colorful rainbow, I see in the sky…

It makes me think of joy and lasting smiles.

But there are times when skies become grey,

And it’s as if we can no longer see a brighter day.

I am Tactician Jenro.

A college student.

I have my own issues…my grey skies,

but there’s always a rainbow I’m hoping for after all of this.

-hope you stay tuned in my blog. I’m still a newbie in this field so comments to improve are appreciated. :)