Sloppy World


(Written in a fictional character’s perspective. This isn’t me! Be warned: Much drama ahead.)

Sloppy World

She held my hand. She was the little child, who used to giggle at the little things that filled her with glee. The little child, wielding crayons as a weapon of wonder and innocence, creating her sloppy world of red, blue and green.

“This is our house. And the sky, the clouds and the birds! This is our family! Mommy and daddy, and I’m in between them and there’s a heart-shape, because we love each other!”

He held my hand. He was the little child, who used to walk undaunted, full of awe and a sense of adventure. Breeding stories of knights, monsters–under the bed covers, scribbling over notebooks, creating his sloppy world of thick streaks of lead with subtle shades of grey..all coming from a tiny pencil.

“He’s going to be a hero! He’s going to save the world from evil! No one is gonna have to deal with evil ever again because he’ll be there.”

That day would come..when she’ll cling tight to mommy’s leg, as though something was wrong.

And he would, too…he would do the same. He knew something wasn’t right. What that exactly was – who knows. Maybe a child like him just doesn’t have the words to explain.

“What’s wrong, dear?”

She would say a few words. He would stay silent, sometimes.

And from there, they had gradually let go of my hand. They had slowly faded away..leaving with a bright sparkle of light, fading towards the end of nothing.

And now all around me was vivid, multi-dimensional. All around me was the bigger picture filled with color…A world no longer made of crayons, no longer of lead coming from this tiny pencil.

“What’s wrong, dear?”

“Nothing. Oh–nothing!” I flinched, as I snapped out of my daydreaming.

Hours go by and the bell finally rings. Everyone would singlehandedly agree that this moment was what the class had all been waiting for. Now I could go home and play Pokemon, then get back to watching that 50th anniversary special.

Everyone else… I think they would be doing the same.


Author’s Notes

This isn’t something to be taken literally, but with a lot of understanding.

Little Sheep

Little Sheep

Little sheep, why do you run?
Chasing after the rising sun
Trying to move so far away
Felt rejected from the fray

Little sheep, did they laugh at you?
Saying, oh young one, you don’t have a clue
You’re left behind and feeling blue
They think they’re all better, wiser than you

Run, you run, as far as you can
You cling to rebellion, flowing tears, they began
Thinking you’ve been nothing but an insolent fool
Going your way, not abiding by rule

Little sheep, why do you run?
Going out the world, to experience the sun
Maybe you’ll find how bright it would shine
And know this route was really the most fine.

Wake up, my fellow sheep, wake up to the sun
Where mellow green pastures await, and much fun
Our shepherd, not but a limited man, you say
Well, I see him right here, giving light to this day.

Children, Innocence and their Happiness Undaunted


What’s so special about the young little toddlers – children in their early age? Us being older, we rarely understand them. We sometimes wouldn’t know why they would cry or wake up at night and run towards us for a tight hug. Sometimes we belittle them for their simplicity, their playfulness, and their more often annoying repetitive quests for our attention.

As they show off their proud scribbles of crayons on that piece of paper, or dance off or sing to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams, or a Barney song, they always seem to want our attention.

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Blessed are the children for theirs is the kingdom of God.

“Blessed are the children for theirs is the kingdom of God”
by Danny Randall

(I asked for his permission if i could post this, and he gladly agreed. His words have truly inspired me and I hope it does inspire you too.)

    It’s amazing to me how much of my life I was motivated by what I was against and I actually thought I was living in freedom! It’s so easy to rally around a cause, especially when everyone around you agrees with you and pats you on the back for standing up for the truth. For me what I was against was man-made religion and all the evil that comes from it. I would quote Blaise Pascal’s famous quote, “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction,” often to justify my anger and self-righteousness towards those I thought were the enemy.

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Childrens’ Shows and Me

There was this time in my life when I used to wake up early in the morning and watch Playhouse Disney when I was a kid. That was around…1999-2002. Shows like Bear in the Big Blue House, Rolie Polie Olie, and PB&J Otter got me open to the English language even in my young age. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve really embraced this language a lot, even as a Filipino.

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