Counting on You


Other than occasionally making artstuff and working on a few random things like work, most of my recent days have been spent staring blankly towards nowhere. I’ve been thinking thoughts about who I should be but am not. Why do I still do this, in spite of the opportunities that obviously present themselves?

I’ve seen a year – heck, three years – blindly pass me by, Not saying nothing happened at all during those years, but…something more could have. I could be jumping into wells and riding paper planes. instead I contemplate about these things that have passed and blaming all the events that never happened.

I might even have lost sight of what Lightyoke is all about – which is carrying a lighter burden. Since…I know I shouldn’t be going easy now. So, yeah, things have been going very slow.

Comic Strips: Honest Speculations and A Look Back

I’ve made 14 comics so far. Comic strips sharing a lot about my inner thoughts about life and the faith. 


 Yet in spite of this, I still really fail to define what I am all about, and it is getting a bit difficult to keep making comics. I’m mostly getting in these dilemmas, or maybe just unable to handle my time well.
Anyway, here’s a post looking back at the comic strips that I have made from February 2013 – October 2013. You can click on the images to bring you to the original comic post.

Comic #1: Wait And See

I made Wait And See with the confidence that Christ keeps on redeeming me in the midst of the disbelief and self-doubt. This has, in a way, touched other people through and through.

Comic #14: Symphony and Significance


comic by Tactician Jenro / Jose Chipeco

It’s been about a month since my last comic! So here’s an update. It’s poorly drawn to be honest, and the idea is all over the place.

But hope I got the point across.

We’re all a part of this journey together. We may not be Steve Jobs or Gandhi, Paul or Peter, but there’s a music stirring inside of us that we just have to play out… a difference that we can make.

Remember Who You Are


Remember what you’re here for and who you are. Remember the purpose and the vision God has given you. Life, however beautiful it is – beautiful in both its pain and achievements – is a temporary journey. Let’s make the most out of it through love.

My journey and God-given purpose begins with God’s love for me, and how He has fully accepted me as a son. And when I believe that, I can move from having fear into freedom. Confidence that whatever I feel, or whatever wrong may happen, I’m still loved and part of the family. I’m all for forgiving, loving, and understanding others.

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I Want to be Brave

art by Tactician Jenro / Jose Chipeco

“We don’t need words – we need RESULTS!”

“How will anyone believe you when you don’t even live right?”

“You’re only a seed, and we’re more grown than you, so we can’t really learn from what you have to say.”

“You’re in no position to share any truth.”

I’m always being held back, with a shaky barely-there confidence, and other than that, a discovery of truth that I’d like to be serious about. These words, while no one has really told me, weighs me down like crazy. I wish I could just live, like everyone else, ignoring all these and making it all right. But I can’t. Though, I want to. Why am I still being held back? Why can’t I just run towards the light, shake away the doubt and be brave, be grounded on what I know is true. There are so many good things I’d like to do, but then, I know others would think those are crazy, and starting a rebellion has its consequences. Besides, I’m not independent yet. Is this why I’m feeling down?…

God, help me keep the fight. This is your fight too, anyway. Help me know what I have to do and give me the support to be able to get there..

I want to be brave.


Comic #12: Lightyoke & Me (Part 1)

Comic by Tactician Jenro / Jose Chipeco

The comic strips are making a comeback, featuring Kaylan and the yellow butterfly, Lightyoke. This is the first part of the comic, and the second part to arrive soon. I hope I could create a whole plot, including characters and settings, hopefully making this into a web-comic with a following. So any ideas would be appreciated.

But here’s a question:

If you were the butterfly Lightyoke, what advice would you give to the struggling Kaylan?

Your comments are most welcome!