One Thing’s For Sure

I may or may not be,
The kind of person that I want to be..
But one thing’s for sure,
I’ll find myself secure
In the arms of the Father who loves me.

In times when it all doesn’t go as planned,
As the time pours out my hand, like sand
All drifting away, but one thing’s for sure,
I’ll find myself secure
With the love of the Father who’s holding my hand.

God’s Abundant Grace

“I receive the abundance of the grace of God and His gift of righteousness.”

It’s so much easier to wallow in sadness and blame. I could keep looking back at the past and see so much of the opportunities I have missed. I could focus on my lack, and listen to words that tear me apart. And I know it is easier to curl up in a ball in the corner or beat up yourself.

I guess, in this generation we have there are so many things to distract us from what our Father in heaven really thinks about us. Or we can get distracted, instead of drawing from the springs that He offers we turn to other things instead that could leave us dry.

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Keep Calm, Truth Remains.

Keep Calm, Truth RemainsI get so anxious about myself so easily and that’s hindered me a lot of times, and I often fight those by listening to music. The above ones listed are ones I encourage you to listen to. I am sure you will be blessed. God loves you…let go…He’s holding you.

Comic #1: Wait and See

Kaylan Comic

Comic by tacticianjenro (please tell me if you copy this or use)

I’ve finally made a new comic! Four months after making Mr. Noah Tall, I finally made a new comic, one that I just finished today. This here is one of my characters, Kaylan. Kaylan symbolizes weakness, struggle, and self-doubt. Things that I know a lot of people out there have. Inferior, meek…and yet, although we are those things (in action), we have so much more now that we are in Christ. And even while we feel this way, we can still step up and be an encouragement, even though other people might see us as only weak or “not there yet”.

I wouldn’t know how people would react to this comic, but I hope it shows a lot of hope, redemption, and Christ’s love and power.

Because..I believe that we don’t need to be in a position where we have “overflowing blessing” to be an effective testimony. The good news of Christ itself is powerful.. and He’s not finished with you yet! He has so much more in store of you, just as you are.

Spread the good news!

A Year Since “No Matter What”

I just had this realization that it has been over a year since I’ve written Greyskeil Rainbow’s most popular post = No Matter What. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s a short story I’ve written with most of my thoughts, my emotions, about what God might be thinking and that battle against self-doubt.

It’s a bit stupid to think that it has beena year, and yet, somehow, I still don’t grasp this clearly, or..I feel as if I’m not in the right position yet. But, actually, there is no need to over complicate things. But, I actually do.

Being a Christian isn’t easy. There are times when we doubt God, and sometimes…we doubt ourselves.

No Matter What highlights some of these thoughts that I have also been anxious about in the past (and sometimes even now).

“I am being clouded by fearful imaginations,
That the day might come when I will fail you, Lord.
And that I might not stand in front of you,
That you would reject me.”

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