The Cycle of Being Better

Why does everyone seem to make it on their own?
Why do I see no one, broken and bruised at all?
In the crowd, he would bleed, screaming, “Someone, please!”
No. I don’t see someone like that – except for this disordered cat.
Two young boys, they throw the poor kit, down in the rushing river.
The cat, it dies. It dies in the hands of those who think it is weak.
Yet aren’t we the same? We humiliate the weak.
Those who are meek, and may not find what they seek,
and we say, “You’re weak and lazy. Get a life. Get a job.
Get up, you fool, go reach your dreams.”
We pressure him to save himself,
And when he sort of does,
He’ll say, “I’m better. I’m changed,
I worked hard- look at the fruit of all I’ve made!
I’m living the life of what I should be,
I was once crap, now its good to be me.”
The cycle goes on, he goes out and says,
to everyone else – be better. Work harder.
Thrive and live like you’re alive.
The next time you see a beggar, I know you’ll think,
He’s just lazy, and foolish and poor
Because of the choices that he’s made.
But, listen, there are times when we can’t really choose.
I wonder if the time will come…when somebody,
yes, somebody, will allow himself to be stepped on by others.
Someone, who’ll admit he’s broken and bruised
He would bleed, screaming, “Someone, please!”
Like the poor old cat who can’t save itself
from those who think you’re weak and they’re better.

It’s in the mind.

Ugh…hey there.

It’s still a very good day today. I have a blessed life, I have a home, I have a family, and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. But why is it so hard…I sort of need help to change the way I think. At times, pessimism comes in my way and I forget everything else. There’s always hope, I know. There’s always a good future, and all that, yes. But why do I live with this fear?

Changing the way your mind works can be difficult. People–they influence you. Everywhere–there is influence to how your mind works. Good thinking, positive thinking? It’s really not that easy to achieve.

People smile, people go and wrap themselves with merriment yet deep inside there is sadness. The reality of sadness is there. I don’t know if it’s just me, but they say there is a cure. I don’t have to live with this. I also don’t have to live just pretending not to feel this. – Joseph Prince of New Creation Church talks about sadness, grief and disappointment.

Those are my thoughts today. Have a good day.