It’s Hard to See Grace – A Rant

I just realized that, often times, it’s hard to see grace.

Especially if you keep messing up all the time, and people demand you actions, and shove the regrets you have and the mistakes you’ve got from your past right into your face. Often times, that how it is, right?

It’s hard to see grace, when often times…people LOOK at someone, and while they don’t, they actually really intend to throw stones at them for being in the ‘wrong’.

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Artwork: What Are The Answers?

art by tacticianjenro

art by tacticianjenro

Billions of people around the world…some they die and some are born. People everywhere…they smile, and they weep. And they ask. They see life beyond. They see what’s going to come eventually. They see ideals forsaken, and people ending up broken.

And in the end, I can say that the most sensible answer is love. To love in spite of the questions, and imperfections. To love….and to be loved. To rest in the unending grace of God. To have hope.

I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m okay. I still feel like a caterpillar…a sapling…but with time I will grow. I won’t give up….my Daddy isn’t giving up on me, either.

Artwork: Your Home

art by tacticianjenro

“Your Home” – art by tacticianjenro

Borrower, human being, living thing

Life, little, beautiful as spring

Fragile, yet striving to make it through

I wonder if you would mind if I carry you?

Your weight and your struggles, I will make a way,

On my shoulder, for as long as you’d like, you can stay

I’ll be your friend and the answer to it all,

Just trust and hold on, I won’t let you fall.

– Jenro