Comic #4: Red Tie Guy

comic by tacticianjenro

comic by tacticianjenro

I tried to take a break from the usual comic style and use a popular meme figure called ‘cereal guy’ who is famous for the line “you will never have a boyfriend/girlfriend”. I took it to a weird inward approach where he questions himself instead of how he usually has his say about other people.

People can have their opinion about us, but we can’t let the negatives shape our identity. We are more than what others see us – and even, how we see ourselves! If we are in Christ, our identity is righteous, loved, and destined for greater places.

Will we stay and eat cereal all day? Or be…who we really are?

Likes, Image, and Comparisons

Like Stamp

In this age of social networking and this hype we have about getting likes and followers, I see how it stimulates our desire for popularity and attention. Because, doesn’t it feel good to receive a lot of likes, or a top comment on youtube? Or maybe having that goal or desire for a self-made blog, idea, or video to go viral..

It’s a beautiful success, or so it seems, for others to see how cool we are or what kind of impact we can make to a lot of people. In our idleness, we flaunt what’s best in us, of course weighing if people would like it or not, and be…admired.

Being admired gives most of us a sense of value or success. Finally, we could be proud of ourselves. We aren’t the newbies and dreamers we once were. Because we’re living in reality now. Once, we were holding on to nothing. Now we have “proof” to say that we have it.

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“Really Satisfy”?

“Satisfaction. We want it. We run after it.  And yet, somehow it always seems to elude us. What’s our problem? What went wrong?”

Mike Donehey, lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, puts it this way in one of his journal entries. I find it true… those words that he said about being satisfied. I know full well what it means. We’re searching for something more…something that will fill us and satisfy us each day. But the truth remains….we’re never satisfied.

Mike points out that we have to come to terms with the fact that we’re not home yet. And I agree…most of us just seem to get so attached to what this world offers us.

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